Black Female UK Travel Bloggers, My Tribe: Where Are You?


What a delight to find this old favourite (HP Sauce) becoming more common across China’s big cities. See, just another crazy thing to note in a blog post. 


Any prolific blogger who’s making waves across the virtual world will tell you that there’s strength in unified blogging, as in uniting with other bloggers.

They advise that blogging solo without connects, contacts, partners and other cyber-space peers is akin to a slow death by search- engine.

I don’t really know why they advocate partnerships to be honest, especially as I’ve never been much of a group kind of gal. However, these ‘experts’ insist that being noticed, gaining views and increasing your email list / fan base / loyal readers, is a basic necessity for successful transition from small time blogger to bigwig with influence.

Another benefit is the comfort of knowing that you’re not the only one doing what you do. Kind of like holding hands around the web.

Well, okay then. Here’s to internet solidarity.

However, there is a proviso – natch.

Apparently bloggers of a feather flock together (forgive the artistic license, I couldn’t help myself) and with good reason. It makes sense to partner with writers who come under the same umbrella as yourself.

If I suddenly started making references to my mate Jim who blogs about the green frogs of Tanzania (it’s a real thing, look it up. The green frogs, not Jim), with links to his blog and urging you to spend time reading his posts you’d probably wonder why and with good reason as our topics are poles apart.

If you did want to know about green frogs you wouldn’t be here would you? You’d be off finding Jim all on your own.


See? Everybody’s searching for black British female travel bloggers. 


As I mentioned earlier, I’ve never been much of a group / partnership / let’s all come and work together person, but prior to starting this blog I did check out (and still do) blogs by other black women, with a particular but obvious lean towards black women living and thriving in China.

There’s a quite a few out there, which is great. But what I’d really like to do is dig down even further and link with other black female, British travel bloggers.

We could swap links and readers, form a club, maybe meet up once a year or every five years, build a community and promote each other’s brilliance, but so far my longing is for naught as I can’t find any.

But there must be some!

I am one hundred percent convinced that I am not the only one with a story to tell and the will to commit to opening up a WordPress site and posting on a semi-regular basis.

So (cue violins),  I’ll keep searching and hoping.

In the meantime, if you come across any would you let me know? Ta





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