You Know It’s Holiday Time In China When…..



Every year thousands, or perhaps millions, of holiday-makers flock to China’s wonderful and beautiful heritage spots. But sadly, judging from the picture above, seems like they’re more likely to get a shot of the back of someone’s head than anything else.

You see, when everyone is off work at the same time this is what happens.

This is ‘golden week’ in China. They occur twice a year initially in Spring for the Chinese New Year and of course, now at the start of Autumn which heralds China’s national week. It’s good to have a change of scenery, but surely the whole point of a break is to reduce stress, not to keep it going?

I wonder what happens when you’re in the middle of such a crowd and you develop a pressing need for the washroom? Or your baby’s crying, or you fall ill, or your granny has a heat stroke? What to do?

Still, my Chinese friends are surprised when they ask me what I’m doing for the holidays and I reply that I’m staying at home where I can enjoy the peace and quiet of my neighbourhood.

Meanwhile, all credit to these brave souls who went for it anyway!  I hope they do have a good time in-between the squashy bits and traffic jams )-:

Credit to ‘That’s PRD’ magazine. Click here for the full article:


This is why the Great Wall of China is great (in my humble and almost meaningless opinion). What other structure could withstand such hoards several times a year, year after year without crumbling?

Did you know that the wall was built during the Ming Dynasty? (not that I’m claiming credit or anything…. well maybe a little……okay. just kidding (-: )


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