Black Women Doing Business In China

Allie; Creator of Bloom All Natural Hair And Skin Products

When I first came to China in September 2012 I was rocking the natural look with my hair.

I had last relaxed it 2009 and after three weeks under a boiling Jamaican sun which left my hair fried and frazzled, I decided that that would be the last time I put chemicals so close to my scalp and on my locks. So, I left my hair to just do what it does and it went right back to Africa, which is exactly where it should be.

However, when I started to run out of the hair care products I’d brought from England with no easy ways to replace them, I found that having good looking natural hair was starting to become a problem.

On top of this, when my supply of skin cream became low, I wondered the aisles of Walmart and the local Chinese markets growing ever more frustrated at the rows of ‘Skin Brightening and Whitening’ lotions. What good would that do me? I didn’t want to be brighter or whiter, I just wanted to be moisturised.

Seriously? Nope. I don’t think so! And how come neither of these skin tones look natural?

To add insult to injury, as the seasons changed and it was time to refresh my wardrobe, my western sized body struggled to squeeze into clothes which were made for women with smaller and different body shapes.

It was pretty annoying to say the least.

Fast forward to 2016 and we’re now in a time where accessing black hair products, clothing which fits black men and women comfortably and creams which benefit black skin is no longer a dream but a reality. Thank goodness.

Not much has changed on the shelves of Walmart or my local Chinese stores, but in the virutual world all is possible.

Online shopping has exploded in China with countless deliveries consisting of everything from food and clothing, to household products, technology and electrical items, criss-crossing the country every day.

Online shopping brings you everything you want with zero inconvenience, unless you’re a delivery guy battling with China’s traffic – yikes!

Taking advantage of this new way to do business and servicing a market segment which had previously been ignored (black people in China with unique needs), are the women profiled below.

These ladies are intelligent, beautiful, forward thinking entrepreneurs who are leading the way and they’re definitely not the only ones making waves out here. Black people from across the disapora are discovering China to be fertile ground for making money.

Evelyn, 22 years old, from Ghana. Lives in Nanjing, China

Evelyn; ambition in motion and a perfect model for her own fabulous products.

Having recently graduated from Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology where she majored in Economics, Evelyn had struggled to get the right shade and brand of make-up during her four years in China.

So, stepping out on a leap of faith borne of frustration and the knowledge that there must be a better way, she set-up a business which provides quality, affordable cosmetics for black women. After building up a sizeable base of satisfied customers across China she’s now branched out and added quality hair extensions to her business.

Hairven(TM): Quality hair extensions by Evelyn

Evelyn states that she’s motivated by beauty and passion rather than income. In the future she plans to open a bricks and mortar shop to sell her hair and beauty products in addition to her online store.

Allie, ageless from NY and The Caribbean. Lives in Shenzhen, South China

Allie: Entrepreneur and founder of SoulAngelBeauty / Bloom

After living in China for a few years the negative effects of the infamous pollution on hair and skin had become a cause for concern for Allie.

Consequently she  formulated an expanding  line of products made from natural oils and butters to combat this problem.

Allie’s conditioners, shampoo, and skin creme and clay have proved to be extremely popular. Her emphasis is on creating all natural products with love, which enhance skin, hair and general well-being.

All natural hair and skin beauty products from Allie, SoulAngelBeauty

Talia Sills, ageless. From America, lives in Shenzhen, China.


Network marketing with doTERRA (Essential Oils) is the route which beckoned to Talia allowing her to fulfill her love of working with essential oils while sharing their beauty with others.

Living and working in a developing country with different standards of health care such as China can often mean that you might require a little extra support in some areas in order to maintain optimum health, this is where Talia comes in.

She holds regular events around Shenzhen to educate and inform women of the benefits of Essential oils within a personal and proative approach to healthcare. She also instills valuable how-to knowledge on incorporating using Essential oils as a vital part of your everyday beauty regime.

SOme of the golden information Talia shares in order to enrich the lives of her clients.

As I mentioned earlier these women are just a small representation of innovative, entrepreneurial black people in China. For more on this topic check out..

And for more ideas about non-teaching jobs in China, go to…



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