Ertong Jie Kuai Le. Happy Children’s Day!


June 1st is Children’s Day in China, although with the extreme effects of the previous One Child Policy, I think every day is Children’s Day here.

I love the way that this list of 10 films to watch with your child includes two from Iran.

The White Balloon (1995)

Director: Jafar Panahi

Country: Iran


Razieh wants a fat goldfish for Iranian New Year instead of the skinny ones in her family’s pond, because the fat ones look like they are dancing when they swim.

After many attempts, she and her brother convince their mother to give them her last bit of money, as the family live very humbly. The excited Razieh loses the money on her way to the fish store. When she finds it, it is temptingly just out of her reach.


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