Saturday Soup

Saturday Soup (all photos; AvaMingImages)

Nostalgia can be caused by the strangest things.

For example, in many of my recently taken photos there’s a lot of images of soup. Looking at the thick, juicy liquid had me all retrospective within minutes.

As mentioned on my Home page, I was born in England to Jamaican parents and, in every Jamaican household, Saturday without Saturday Soup just wouldn’t be right.

This homemade deliciousness is a cut above your average tinned soup. It’s hearty, warming and extremely filling with each cook/family adding their own unique touch.

Caribbean Saturday Soup. (photo credit;

The dish is made with meat and or vegetable stock,  Jamaican root vegetables such as yam and sweet potato, plaintain, carrots, onions and large chunks of mutton. Personal tastes are catered for by adding soft, tiny dumplings along with pepper for those who like it hot.

Saturday Soup was a great way to finish off left-overs from weekday meals leaving the fridge and kitchen cupboards, plus pots on the stove, clean and clear ready for Sunday’s more formal, big family sit down meal.

Here in China soup is not just for Saturdays.

Maybe a tad too much meat?

Indulge any day of the week, with friends or alone.

Choose from meat, seafood, noodles or vegetables, or if you’re feeling really adventurous, just throw in all of the above, grab a spoon and some chopsticks and enjoy.


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