Watch Out: Man With Wild Animal Coming Through

The head was the same size as this baby crocodile. Scareeee!

It was a Friday evening and I was looking forward to winding down.

I planned to eat a light meal at my favourite tofu restaurant, followed by a short chillax period. After which I’d slip into my party clothes, complete with high heels (natch) and boogie away a few hours at my local club with professional music from the resident Canadian band.

However, all of my best laid plans were turned on their head as I walked through my neighbourhood.

Spoiler alert; you might find the next few lines hard to believe but I’m not kidding, not even a little bit.

Morelets Crocodile
I think it was a tad smaller than this one (yikes!)

Feeling happy and looking forward to a night where I’d invent dance moves just for the joy of watching my new Chinese girlfriends trying to imitate them, I was stopped in my tracks by the sight of a man walking, not exactly towards me, more like in my direction, slightly head-on but veering to my left.

He wore a white t-shirt and had his hands in his pocket. Oddly he had what looked like a large sling across his chest and around his back and tied at the back of his neck. Even more oddly was the nonchalant way he carried himself considering that at the bottom of the sling near his hip, a baby crocodile head poked out with the shape of its long body clearly outlined by the cotton sling.

Now, remember, I’m not joking. (Why would I make this up?!)

Like a tennis ball on permanent bounce my eyes flicked between the man’s face and the crocodile head (which was alive, by the way) several times.

Was the baby croc sedated or were they just extremely good friends? Was it his pet or was he planning to have it for dinner? Who knew?


Seriously, lady?

I’ve seen some strange things over the last few years in China, but this one definitely ranks in my top five.


2 thoughts on “Watch Out: Man With Wild Animal Coming Through

  1. OMG, a baby crocodile?! I mean all I have seen is China is someone approaching you with those monkeys, or sometimes a big turtle…but a baby croc?! LMAO

    Liked by 1 person

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