Jesus, a Rabbit and Some Chocolate Eggs. A Chinese Idea of Easter

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Jesus, the Easter Bunny and a few chocolate eggs walked into a bar…….

Easter is becoming more widely talked about within China’s bigger cities compared to four years ago when there was barely even a whisper. Adverts abound for children’s activities involving two out of three of the characters mentioned above and restaurants and hotels offer family dining deals featuring Easter food, whatever that is!

Guess I don’t need to tell you that the religious aspect is completely ignored.


I asked a Chinese friend what she knows about Easter and her response was perfect for  the Cheeky China section of My Oriental Life.

“I really don’t know much about Easter, I’m sorry, the idea is news to me. Another foreigner tried to explain it, but all I got was Jesus, dead-alive, 3 days, rabbits and chocolate eggs.”

She was totally confused about ‘chocolate eggs’ until I explained that they came from factories and not from chickens. As for Jesus and the rabbits? Where to start?





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