A Quiet Time in China

No, it’s not China’s traditional smog, those are thick rain clouds over Shenzhen. (all photos; AvaMingImages)

Feels like we’re holding our breath. Like we’re in the middle of nothingness.

The celebrations for Chinese New Year have been officially over for a while now and the next festival is yet to appear on the horizon.

Two weeks ago we thought Spring had sprung with balmy, t-shirt wearing days, filled with soft sunshine and cool, pleasant evenings. In emails home I boasted without shame about how great it was to live in the tropics, while my native UK was still cowering through a miserable winter.

Serves me right for speaking too soon because for the last ten days Spring has sprung off to a faraway place and we’ve had nothing but miserable rain clouds across the city. That’ll teach me to gloat.

Where is everybody? It’s that Twilight Zone feeling

Now, in the middle of March the city feels like it’s treading water. Neither going forwards nor slipping backwards. Almost like we’re moving in slow motion.

Are we waiting for something? Was it like this, this time last year? I don’t think so. It’s like turning on the TV and finding only one channel, or running your car on two cylinders instead of six or eight.

Winter is finished, but Spring can’t make up its mind whether it’s staying or not. Meanwhile we’re stuck in the middle unsure of what to do.

A rainy afternoon in Shenzhen’s CBD

We’re in relaxed mode but it’s riding on a current of uncertainty. We’re waiting for things to get started, but they haven’t exactly stopped. We’re in a pregnant pause, we’re at the door and ready to walk through, but there’s no handle to open it.

We’re living in reality. Still working, shopping, eating sleeping, talking, laughing, but our reality has been enveloped by the shimmering haze of the Twilight Zone.

What do we do now?

Just wait it out, I suppose, until some event or change in the weather kickstarts us back into animated living again.

See? I told you, it’s a weird time.






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