Public Laundry Day

Laundry hanging in my apartment stairwell. (all photos; AvaMingImages)

It was the fourth day this week that security had banged on my door.

I repeated the same thing I’d told them yesterday and, the day before that and would probably tell them again tomorrow;

‘the clothes hanging in the hallway are not mine.’ (subtext; ‘so stop asking me.’)


Living in the tropics sees almost as much rain as England, especially during the various monsoon seasons.

Despite rain and wind storms, dirty clothes still have to be washed and dried. This is not so easy in a country where indoor drying space is a luxury and outdoor drying areas are balconies filled with furniture, plants and children’s toys or, the balconies are just plain small.

For some reason washer driers, even drying machines are generally not used. I honestly don’t know why, maybe I’ll ask someone about that.

To cope with this Chinese people are very inventive and it’s not unusual to see clothes hanging from trees in the park or sheets spread across bushes in public areas.

Newly washed clothes drying on bushes in the park

This doesn’t bother me, but when it comes to hanging your clothes on a stairwell which has the primary function of being a fire escape, it’s a lot less cute.

And to make matters worse, the clothes were left there for almost a month!

The drying area on my balcony. Small, but perfectly formed.

Come on. I understand that these items might not be your favourite but there’s no need to abandon your stuff.

If you really have nowhere else to dry them, at least pick them up on time! (subtext; don’t leave them hanging! Hanging!! – geddit?)





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