The Obamas and I Don’t Look Alike, Do We?

POTUS. No resemblance to me.

On the metro this afternoon a little girl pointed at me and said “Obama.”

The metro is the Shenzhen underground train system. It’s usually a pleasure to ride as it takes you away from the horrendous traffic that can occur in a city of 15 million people, along with the tropical monsoon wind and rain which take a peculiar joy in soaking you after breaking your umbrella and sending it hurtling down the street.

I don’t run after my umbrella anymore. I used to but then I realised that l looked silly.

So, getting back to the little girl. Several questions popped into my mind at her pronouncement.

With her pointed figure was she actually accusing me? Was she really saying “Obama!” And anyway, which particular Obama did she mean, POTUS or FLOTUS?

In her tiny and as yet largely uninformed mind, was she capable of thinking ‘hey, she could be Obama, don’t they all look alike?’

Not POTUS or FLOTUS just me (photo; AvaMingImages)


Okay, I’ll admit that POTUS and I are both left-handed but there’s no way the little girl on the metro could have known this as I wasn’t using either of my hands at the time.

I’ve had a lot of strange comments thrown my way over the years in China. One lady memorably said, ‘your eye is beautiful.’ I still don’t know if she was referring to the left one or the right one. If only I could work it out then I could bring the other one up to speed! I’m kidding of course. I know that in China single words are often used for plurals.

But as for being called Obama? Well, that’s a first. And, as he is looked upon as the leader of the free world and Michelle is the highly qualified wife of the free world, in conclusion I guess that it’s not such a bad comparison.


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