Stop Messing With My Money!

all photo; AvaMingImages

The situation in my bank account is looking bleak.

I’m down to my last few hundred RMB (100RMB = 60USD, 10GBP) and I don’t want to touch my savings because we all know that’s a slippery slope with a bad ending. You dip in once, you dip in twice and then you keep on finding reasons to dip until all the savings are gone.

Over the last four months, despite cultivating an excellent sales team which has managed to steadily increase the number of clients wanting to learn English, it seems to be getting and harder for my bosses to pay me on time.

Our centre is not cheap. What are they doing with all of the client fees? More to the point, what are they doing with my salary?

Excuses range from; It’s the holidays so bank opening times are unpredictable. (But this has never affected my salary at any point in the previous two years of holidays and festivals).

To; admin staff are sick. Admin staff are having a baby. Admin staff are a little slow. Banks are slow. You are not patient.


None of these so-called reasons are acceptable.

When I’m asked to deliver my sessions I don’t reply that they’ve been affected by sickness, giving birth, slow banks or impatient staff. I give 150% and deliver on time, hence it’s surely reasonable to expect to be paid on time.

I have never done my classes late so please do not think it’s okay to pay me late because it’s not and it never will be. I’ve already done the work and already done it well.

Don’t take advantage of my good nature by fobbing me off with nonsense. I’m foreign, not stupid, the two are not mutually exclusive. I’m known for being amenable but let’s be clear; I will shout at you in a public area of the centre and make you lose face if I have to.

In a nutshell; I did the work, now gimme my money.



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