Was Moving to China Brave or Stupid?

Having tea and dinner with friends. (all photos; AvaMingImages)


To be honest, I still don’t know. I guess the jury will be out on that particular question until long after I leave China and I’ve had time to reflect on my experiences here.


In the meantime I wanted to think about and express my gratitude at the opportunity to live in a country which I’d never even imagined visiting.

I still miss home; driving and buying lunch from the Jamaican food shops especially, but all of that will be appreciated even more-so when I return.

Paraphrasing alert, bear with me; gratitude makes the heart grow stronger doesn’t it? (-:

So here’s my Hub Pages article filled with fab pics and musings about why I’m happy to be here.

AvaLMYKoreanBBQ5Enjoy and leave a comment or share if you wish.


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