The Wonderful World of ‘Chinglish’

All photos AvaMingImages


One of the things I love about this country is what Chinese people call Chinglish.


In my previous city there weren’t too many English words or signs around so I’d be immediately drawn to any familiar looking words which would often read;

‘please see your own belongs’  and ‘signs of coffee drink here.’ (sign in coffee shop)

There are many signs and phrases like this all over and I think they’re great. I’m not sure if they are literal translations or what but they always make me smile.

Here’s a small sample

Sign over the doctor’s office door; ‘Best treatment which the heart does suffer.’

Printed on the label on my new mattress; ‘Gently patterned for the comfort luxury of which the elite do seek.’

Ads for apartments; ‘Fitted with calorifier and sky garden.’ Calorifier? Sky Garden?

Hospital Sign: ‘Pain Departmentallry’ Hmm, giving or receiving?

Now, I’m just guessing, but could this mean, ‘No Dogs?’ (-:

Water! No Speeling  


Water! Careful Sliding with Feet

Water! Mind Your Own Slipping!

Be happy and consideration tendering of the grass 

 Signs on the Subway:

Retrograde is prohibited

Please folding your bike into the station

Leave large luggages away


Telling the Time; ‘Half past thirty’

The List Goes On; Tomorrow’s tomorrow – the day after tomorrow

Yesterday’s yesterday – the day before yesterday

Macaraction – Michael Jackson

Bad Recycle – vicious circle

3th Street

In a short nut – in a nut shell

Choo-chi – Sushi

Mouthy Words – word of mouth


See, you’re smiling as well, now, aren’t you?

If you’re also living in a new country where English is not the first language how many of these types of signs do you see on a daily or weekly basis?


Obligation Lifesaving?! Is there any other choice?





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