Have You Made Your Students Laugh Lately?

Happy students, happy learning! (all photos; AvaMingImages)


As an English teacher abroad you could be faced with a class of anything from 6 to 30 or more students, depending on the age group and the area of English being learnt; ie Conversational, prep for speaking exams or Business English.

Obviously your purpose should be to prepare your students to do well, but what about their learning environment? Have you thought about the tone you set and the atmosphere you create?

Today, the Director of my English Language training centre told me that I bring my students joy. My immediate thoughts were ‘well, okay, stick a fork in me and turn me over ‘cos I’m done!’

It’s a fantastic feeling to know that learners enjoy their work with you.

For me, progressing means growth in self-confidence as much as in speaking skills and I try to encourage this as much as possible within my lessons.

This article taken from my Hub Pages blog which has many practical articles about living and working in China gives ideas about how to liven up your teaching methods and allow the students real personalities to shine.

In short, teach, have fun, make a difference!



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