Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts in China

Roses and 100RMB bills

So how are you spending your Valentine’s Day?

Defiantly alone and acting like you don’t give a damn, or all loved up and flaunting it, while waiting expectantly for your flowers, chocolates and / or jewellery, or even a special proposal?

Well, whatever you’re doing, Valentines related or not, have a good one.

These photos of amazingly unique Valentine’s Day bouquets have been doing the rounds on Chinese media today and I’ve never seen anything like them. At first glance I thought the colour schemes of the flowers were a little left-field, kind of unco-ordinated but then I took a closer look and all I can say is, wow.

On reflection, however, what impression do they really give of both the giver and the receiver?  Are they a way of expressing love or a way of buying love? What do you do when your suitor turns up on your doorstep with these in hand? Would you smile at him or slap him, angry that he might be thinking you’re for sale?

Check out the pictures below and see what you think.

There are NO flowers in any of these posys. They’re all made from Chinese banknotes. And, if you’re unfamiliar with Chinese money, let me help you out a little. The red notes are the highest denomination which is 100RMB. Followed by green 50RMB, brown 20RMB, grey 10RMB, blue 5RMB and lighter green 1RMB notes.

Social Media users in China have described the bouquets as beautiful
Who is the lucky recipient of this 100RMB filled bouquet?
An interesting balance of flowers and notes, erring on the side of RMB. Ker-ching!
Who needs roses nowadays?


So pretty. Sigh

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