A Cold Blast Through Tropical China

Snow in Shenzhen
The first snow in Shenzhen in more than 80 years fell on Sunday January 24 2016

This week has been a real anachronism in tropical Shenzhen as it’s been cold and getting colder. This is not what I signed up for and if it doesn’t stop soon I will demand a refund.

Within 24 hours, Shenzheners have gone from chuckling smugly at our Northern cousins buried in snow, smog and icy rain while we gadded about in long sleeves and the occasional light jacket, to fully paid-up members of the teeth-chattering, bones freezing, fingertips dropping off, multiple-layer wearing tribe.

Serves us right, I suppose.


Snow in South China's Tropics
Ice on Tai Mo Mountain in Hong Kong photo credit: Dickson Lee, South China Morning Post

Could be Warmer Outside?

With totally un-perfect timing the heater in my apartment decided to retire itself from active service. I walked around my neighbourhood looking for a cheap one. The walk did warm me up a little (just a little), but everyone else had beaten me to it and taken all of the heaters long before I got there.

So I hopped onto the non-heated bus and headed for the supermarket, where I was able to purchase one for twice the price of my old one. As you can probably guess I grumbled about my misfortune all the way home loud enough for others to hear, because you know misery loves company.

Cuddling Up Close

This new but not particularly improved heater and I have become good friends during this cold spell, both of us staring in disbelief at the TV weather lady’s announcement that the Chinese met office had even issued a ‘cold weather warning.’

Tell us something we don’t know.

My New Outfit

This is what I’m currently wearing;

1 pair of over the knee socks, cream coloured if you’re interested. One pair of ankle socks (purple and orange), two pairs of leggings, (one black, one blue), four assorted tops consisting of t-shirts and jumpers, one black woolly hat, one very long bright red scarf wrapped around my head and body several times, oh and furry slippers.


The shiver that’s been running through me all day is gradually diminishing but I’m really not happy, I so hate being cold. I truly believe that human beings, just like birds, should head south for the winter which is what I did, but for now it seems the winter has followed me.

This cold snap is expected to last for the rest of the week, about four more days or so. By then I’ll probably be wearing every item of clothing I have simultaneously.

Winter in Northern China photo credit: scoopnest.com

Final Thoughts

Is the phrase, ‘Cold weather in the tropics’ an oxymoron? It must be.

If this is supposed to make me appreciate the sun more than I already do, it’s not working. I think I’ll take that refund now please.



2 thoughts on “A Cold Blast Through Tropical China

  1. I hear you on the cold — it’s gotten really bad here in Hangzhou too. Can’t believe how low the temperatures are and no heating indoors!


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