Don’t Wake Me Up, China

Smiles when I’ve had a good night’s sleep

Today China woke me up before I was good and ready and it’s put me in a bad mood.

I can’t work it out; is it the walls of my apartment building that are paper thin or just the windows? I’m beginning to believe that the brick and concrete is just a veneer (faux concrete? Could happen), hiding and holding up nothing more than papier mache.

Grumps Are Us

I don’t mean to sound curmudgeonly. I KNOW people have to communicate, I just don’t understand why they have to do it outside of my building at 4am, nor why it has to be SO LOUD when the person they are talking to is standing right next to them.

Is there a Chinese belief that states the louder you talk (especially when others are sleeping), the more intelligent you sound?

Perhaps there is some obscure Chinese folklore written on a piece of even more obscure Chinese scroll which mandates that all villagers shall inherit the task of plague-ing their sleeping neighbours with unnecessary dialogue, cats that howl and meow and the frequent barking of a dog.


Smiles when I’ve had a good night’s sleep

Just a Little Moan

I’m a bit upset because I had such great hopes for today. I want to make every waking hour in China count, but some of those hours have to be allocated to sleeping and how can I do that if YOU, persons passing by on the lane, TALK SO LOUDLY!

Thanks to you and your ridiculously volume enhanced friends, I’ve woken up in a funk and two hours later am still wondering around in a haze.

Can’t focus.

I look at my planned projects and think, ‘uggggghh’. And it’s all your fault.

Lost Opportunity

Today could have been the day I write my masterpiece, but the way things stand right now, this blog of complaints is about all I can manage. I just have to hope that the muse comes back tomorrow.

You should hope that too.

Smiles when I’ve had a good night’s sleep


Final Thoughts

In the meantime, while I work out how to get my day started when my brain doesn’t know whether it’s coming or going, I’d like to leave you with this;

Stop it.

It’s not the first time you’ve woken me up at an unnecessary hour in this manner. Please, be a little Western occasionally and consider others.

Or, just give me your address and I’ll come around to your house at 4am and return the favour. I’ll even pay the taxi fare myself.


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