Advice About Working Legally in China

English students having fun

Lately there’s been a lot of news stories about foreigners working illegally as teachers here in China.

Many of the foreigners are quoted as saying that they were told it would be okay and easy to do so.

Wrong Thinking

Hm… Is this a case of foreigners thinking (as they sometimes do) that they can travel to a developing country and do whatever they like once they get there, regardless of the laws of the land? Could be.

Could also be just plain ignorance of what the laws require in terms of work or an awareness of what’s necessary and not bothering to acquiesce for one reason or another. I mean, nobody likes paying taxes and filling out paperwork, right?

Well, to reiterate my attention grabbing title, if your intention is to work for a while in China as an English teacher or anything else and you don’t have the necessary paperwork or qualifications, take it from me and the news reports which I’ve read on your behalf;

It’s Not a Good Idea.

Text from a Chinese lesson

Things Can Go Wrong

You don’t want to be a forlorn looking offender with a photo of you in your illegal job splashed all over Chinese media do you?

You may get away with working illegally for a while, but you will be most likely found out at some point. Jealousy is rife here and if you do too well somebody or their neighbour will happily rat on you.

When you’re rumbled you’ll undergo a grilling from a heavyweight Chinese  Immigration Officer who probably speaks better English than you do, you’ll also be facing a 5,000RMB fine, you could be threatened with prison time followed by deportation. It’s not a pretty situation to be in and neither is it worth it.

Final Thoughts

If you want to work and travel abroad do it properly i.e sort out your paperwork, qualifications and attitude BEFORE you come.

Do your research so that you know what’s required and take the time to get it all organized. Authorities in the Land of the Rising Sun care just as much about these things as the authorities in your developed country.

You’d be a fool to think otherwise.

Okay, I know this doesn’t really have anything to do with the article, but I like the picture and I don’t really write about buses

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