The Land on Which We Stand


Lately I’ve had a strange recurring thought.

What was China before it was China, or for that matter what was any country before it was named? Was it simply just ‘land’ before it became ‘territory?’ Was there ever a time when it was just inhabited as opposed to fought over and possessed? Did people ever allow strangers to enter and wander through, crossing safely to the other side? When were borders, guards, searches, quarantines, passports and body checks established and for what reason, really?

We Come in Peace

The majority of people enter and leave a country without malice on their mind. Just like you and me they want the adventure of travel, to do business or catch up with family and friends.

If the reality is that only a significant minority cross the border of an alien land intent on doing harm to those that live there, such a small fraction in fact, that their names, addresses, shoes sizes, likes and dislikes, favorite colour and horoscopes are known to the agencies which police the same borders, then why does everyone have to suffer?

Isn’t it time to separate them from us? Give the innocent traveler respect due and focus restrictions on those whom the authorities know come with negative purpose and bad intent.

China’s beautiful land 

New Horizons

Travel broadens the mind but world rulers seems to do everything they can to restrict us. Is there a broader purpose at play? Would seeing too much of other cultures promote understanding making it apparent that the differences that separate us are really just perceptions and not reality?

Ordnances and Sub-Ordances

Frequently I hear tales of just how hard it is to make the leap toward a new life of work and study abroad and often the language barrier is the least problem. Being born in some countries subjects you to a set of complex rules and regulations. The system has been set by anonymous people who grant or deny the right to travel. This same system dictates how long you may stay away and on what terms you can leave.

Let Freedom Reign

But a nagging at the back of my mind reminds me that human beings are essentially born to be free and not subject to the will of others. Babies are born on earth and not just in a particular country. We all inherited a global viewpoint means that the enter a world which initially must have had no borders, no boundaries, no patrol, no need for passports, no sniffer dogs, no visas, no x-ray machines, no body pat-downs, just freedom to wander, to enjoy and marvel at its sights, to seek new territories and to settle in them at will. At one time all countries must have been like this but now in the age of the tangible terrorist, they exert a tight grip on its citizens who wish to leave and a cynical eye over aliens who wish to enter.

More of China’s beauty 

A Deeper Meaning

Who created this system and for what reason? Is it just a legal way to control a mass of people for fear that one day the ‘mass’ will rebel at the border? Most people just want to travel in peace, but nowadays in many places this means difficult, annoying, frustrating controls ensconced in paperwork which can change without notice. How about if we were guided across borders with ease of paperwork instead feeling like part of a lucky minority to have made it?

I want to be free to travel the earth, to go wherever I want to go, whenever I want to, staying wherever I want to stay for as long as I want and I don’t want to be under suspicion when I do it.

A Square in Shenzhen, South China 

Not all people want to travel. Many are happy to stay in the world they know; their  own city, town, village or region. Many have family commitments or illnesses that keep them close to home. Others prefer to view the vastness of the world either on TV or the internet from their own unique comfort zone. For them this is enough, but for me it could never be.

I want to experience the thrill of an elevated heartbeat because my senses have been challenged by the unexpected thrill of being immersed in a new world and I want it to be made easier to do so.

For all of us.


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